Travel Awards

Travel Awards



To foster dissemination of information through participation at regional, national and international scientific meetings. Major consideration will be given to presentation of scholarly papers, research data or invited presentation at symposiums. Graduate students, faculty, and clinicians will be given equal consideration for the awards.


To provide funds for transportation, registration or other travel expenses.  Funding is provided in the form of reimbursement after expenses are incurred.


An applicant must be a member in good standing of Delta Chapter at the time of application. Application for the award must occur before the travel. No one person may receive more than one (1) Delta Chapter Travel Award per year and no more than two (2) Delta Chapter Awards in a five (5) year period.


Applications are made through the Research and Awards Committee. Application forms are available from this website (in Adobe PDF format) or from the Chairperson. 

Committee Procedure: 

  1. Proposals will be reviewed by the Research and Awards Committee upon receipt of the application.  
  2. The Research and Awards Committee reviews the initial proposal and refers to the Delta Chapter Executive Committee for final approval.  No funding will be provided until the proposed research receives IRB approval. 

If you have questions contact:

Chito Belchez, DNP, RN-NPD
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Kansas School of Nursing
3901 Rainbow Boulevard, Mail Stop 4043 Kansas City, KS 66160
Office: 913 945-5044 Email:

Factors in Determining Priorities:

In judging applications, the Committee will give serious consideration to the following aspects:

  1. Highest priority will be given to presentation of research or a scholarly paper.
  2. Scientific/educational excellence of the applicants' participation/presentation.
  3. Participation in chapter activities, over past five years, i.e., officer, committee chair, committee member, presenter, or attendance at meetings.

Travel Award Application.docx

Travel Award Application.pdf