Research Awards

Research Awards



To provide seed money for pilot projects, instrument development, or other initial research efforts.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. Principal investigator (or co-investigator) will be a member in good standing of Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Chapter. A copy of your Sigma Theta Tau membership card must accompany your application for funding
  2. Intent to conduct research, including thesis or dissertation requirements of an educational program.
  3. Submission of a three (3) page proposal defining the proposed research (i.e., purpose, research design, significance to nursing, potential for future funding, specific budget request, and anticipated dates of initial data collection and project completion). Each proposal will be evaluated on scientific merit.
  4. Submission of research proposal to the appropriate Institutional Review Board.
  5. Agreement to submit a written final report within one year of funding date, or an annual progress report, to the Research and Awards Committee if funding is accepted.
  6. Agreement to acknowledge support of Delta Chapter Sigma Theta Tau in the publication or presentation of the research findings.
  7. Agree to give an oral presentation of study at Sigma Theta Tau Chapter meeting if requested.

Committee Procedure: 

  1. Proposals will be reviewed by the Research and Awards Committee upon receipt of the application.  
  2. The Research and Awards Committee reviews the initial proposal and refers to the Delta Chapter Executive Committee for final approval.  No funding will be provided until the proposed research receives IRB approval. 


Awards are made on a competitive basis. Funding will vary according to the amount budgeted by the Chapter membership for research, the number of proposals received, and the scientific merit of the project.

Submit research proposal to:

Chito Belchez, DNP, RN-NPD
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Kansas School of Nursing
3901 Rainbow Boulevard, Mail Stop 4043 Kansas City, KS 66160
Office: 913 945-5044 Email: