Clinical Excellence Award

Excellence in Clinical Practice Award



  1. Candidate will be a member, in good standing, of Sigma Theta Tau.
  2. Candidate demonstrates excellence in clinical practice by using critical thinking, teamwork, and collaboration skills with others, and outcome focused patient care.
  3. Candidate exhibits a professional image of nursing.
  4. Candidate expands the scope of practice for the benefit of clients.
  5. Candidate served as a mentor/preceptor for the benefit of clients.
  6. Candidate serves as a mentor/preceptor and inspires peers in the practice of nursing.
  7. Candidate uses current research and theory in practice.


  1. Nomination for the award will be by a member of Delta Chapter.
    1. Nominating letter to be submitted to the Research and Awards Committee Chairperson by March 1 deadline.
    2. Nominating letter should include the following background information:
      Name of nominee
      Educational background
      Area of clinical practice 
      Other honors, recognition received
      Present position 
      Membership and participation in professional organizations
      Past employment history 
    3. Nominating letter will also include a statement documenting how the candidate has met the stated criteria for Excellence in Clinical Practice.
    4. Please include curriculum vitae or resume.
  2. Nomination will be endorsed by two (2) other support letters that attest to achievement of the criteria identified in the nominating letter. Support letters may be written by persons other than Sigma Theta Tau members.


The decision will be made by the Research and Awards Committee. The recipient of the award will receive a $100 monetary award at the spring chapter meeting.


Nomination materials include:

  1. Nominating letter
  2. Nominee's resume or curriculum vitae
  3. Two letters of support

Mail nomination materials to:

Chito Belchez, DNP, RN-NPD
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Kansas School of Nursing
3901 Rainbow Boulevard, Mail Stop 4043 Kansas City, KS 66160
Office: 913 945-5044 Email: